Help me PLEASE!!!!!!


readers, please help me by:

1) click on the link Ray Magazine Mad Over Spots

2) click on the photo of Nur Izzura Akmal

3) LIKE the photo


who knows i might be on the magazine or win the prize

and big thanks to all that helping me

the voting close on 26th Nov hehe


xoxo ^ezura^



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what we have in 365 days


  • alahai sooyoon takpela janji ada post ig. post pasal orang lain pun aku senyum dah 1 week ago
  • @nadiaaaahh hmm 🤔 dekat facebook xde plak org nk report ke sama je dah kena remove sebab fb ig kn satu geng 1 week ago
  • @BahiyahLee tula suka gif tu sebab comel haha 1 week ago
  • @BahiyahLee laa yeke? 😅 duk ingat kenapa x boleh ni? internet slow ke ape ke hahahaha 1 week ago
  • kenapa x boleh guna gif dekat instastory ni? kena update kah? malas sungguh 1 week ago
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