big BABY is cute lerrrrrr



Gambar camni pun bole wat kite tergila-gila. Lom ag kalo die nyanyi. Tapi die memang handsome & cute apetah ag kalo depan mata huhu

Credits: (@loversoul23)


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what we have in 365 days


  • forever feeling guilty dekat husband sebab tak nak pindah 😅 but what can i do? i don't wanna leave Malacca yet 2 hours ago
  • bila husband dah pandai mengusik 😏 sakan ye dia 6 hours ago
  • somehow this article reminds me of husband ❤️ 1 day ago
  • sooyoon paling handsome dalam squad dia 😍 1 day ago
  • and sooyoon looks super cute dekat ig soohwan! 😍❤️😍 1 day ago
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