Rania is coming to Malaysia?

Yeap! They are coming to Malaysia next month. Confirmed by one of the member, Joy on twitter yesterday. No details yet but according to a source, they leave for Malaysia on 19 September. Huhu

So Rania fans, are you ready to welcome them?

For those who doesnt know Rania, can search for their music video or performance of Dr Feel Good on Youtube huhuu

p/s: are they allowed to wear sexy clothes and do sexy dance in Malaysia? Huuuuuhu can’t wait for fancam!


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  • alahai sooyoon takpela janji ada post ig. post pasal orang lain pun aku senyum dah 1 week ago
  • @nadiaaaahh hmm πŸ€” dekat facebook xde plak org nk report ke sama je dah kena remove sebab fb ig kn satu geng 1 week ago
  • @BahiyahLee tula suka gif tu sebab comel haha 1 week ago
  • @BahiyahLee laa yeke? πŸ˜… duk ingat kenapa x boleh ni? internet slow ke ape ke hahahaha 1 week ago
  • kenapa x boleh guna gif dekat instastory ni? kena update kah? malas sungguh 1 week ago
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