K-songs Recommendation Part 4


i’m sorry for late posting huhu i’m so lazy to open my lappy..so this posrt gonna have a long list of song keke are u ready guys?? yeah!!! PUT UR HANDS UP!!


1) Yesung feat Jang Hye Jin – I Am Behind You

credit: x3saranghae @ YT


2) Goo Ji Seong – Bad Guy

credit: AsianDream2013 @ YT


3) Miss A – Goodbye Baby

credit: LoveKpopSubs5 @ YT


4) SJ Yesung – For One Day

credit: 5ujuTV2 @ YT


5) SJ Ryeowook – If You Love Me More

credit: LoveKpopSubs5 @ YT


6) Homme – Man Should Laugh

credit: LoveKpopSubs5 @ YT


7) LED Apple – Birthday Killer

credit: LoveKpopSubs5 @ YT


8) After School Blue – Wonder Boy

credit: LoveKpopSubs5 @ YT


9) INFINITE – Be Mine

credit: LoveKpopSubs5 @ YT

p/s: I personally love all of their songs in this album especially Julia kekeke maybe because of L heeeeee


10) CHI CHI – Longer

credit: LoveKpopSubs5 @ YT


11) 2NE1 – Hate You

credit: LoveKpopSubs5 @ YT


12) Piggy Dolls – This Girl I Know

credit: AsianDream2013 @ YT


ahhhhhhhh so long.. sorry readers hehe BTW enjoy~~~~~~~


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