Songs Recommendation – part 1

here i come.. next songs recommendation..are you ready?? hehe

1) MBLAQ – Mona Lisa

credit: lovekpopsubs5 @ YT

2) Mina – Toy Boy

credit: AdungPham @ YT

3) Bekah  – Take Me to the Place

credit: Loveekoreanmusic @ YT

4) Kim Hyun Joong – Kiss Kiss

credit: kpopinsanity @ YT

5) Ram – I May Die Like This

credit: AsianDream2013

~~ enjoy!!!


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what we have in 365 days


  • eleh nampak sangat Na PD sayang Chokyu kan!… 1 hour ago
  • bila nak catch up Reunited World ni? 😭 minggu lepas punya episod tak tengok lagi 11 hours ago
  • especially the climax scene lol 😂 kalau terbagi tu i'm really sorry haha but usually trying to promote the drama as well hihi 11 hours ago
  • always prevent myself not to give spoilers when i tweet about drama i watched but sometimes it slips out lol 😂 but trying my best not to 11 hours ago
  • luckily School 2017 ends before i go to JB yeah! kalau x lagi mereput la kena tunggu 11 hours ago
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